What is SWIFT Code and how to know it

What is SWIFT Code and how to know it

do you know What is SWIFT code and how to find SWIFT code of any bank, Do you want to send money abroad or have it come from abroad? If your answer is yes then this article is specially for you. In today’s world it has become very easy to do this, you just need to go to the bank and you can easily send money anywhere.

Being a blogger, I can understand the stress when your Adsense payments stop coming to your account, because it International Payments That is why one has to go through many paragraphs for approval.

The name of this tension is swift code, I’d say it’s no tension, you just need to know what it is and how to get it. Let me tell you that SWIFT system is behind almost all international transactions and security transactions.

It is a very large messaging network that banks and financial institutions use to transfer money. It is a very safe, accurate and secure method. Almost every day 10,000 SWIFT members, approximately 24 million messages use this network.

Today in this article we are going to learn what Swift Code is and how it works. So why the delay, let’s start.

What is Swift Code – What is Swift Code ?

The full form of SWIFT stands for Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. It is a messaging network used by financial institutions to send information securely through a standardized system of codes.

What is Swift Code?

SWIFT code has many names like ISO 9362, SWIFT-BIC, SWIFT ID etc. All these codes are standard forms of business identifier codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

It is a code used by financial and non-financial institutions. This code is mainly used to send money through international wire transfers.

These codes are 8 to 11 characters long.


  • Bank Code AZ is the first 4 letter code. It looks like an abbreviated version of the bank name.
  • Country code AZ is the second 2 letter code. From this it is known which country this bank belongs to.
  • Location code 0-9 AZ is the third 2 digit location code which can be 2 letters or 2 numbers. This gives information about the head office of the bank.
  • Branch Code 0-9 AZ is an optional 3 digit code. It refers to a particular branch and not the head office of the bank.

How to Find SWIFT Code of Any Bank

swift code kaise pata kare

As I already said you need SWIFT code for your adsense payment. So now the question arises that how to find SWIFT code of any bank. So don’t panic at all because I’m going to tell you where to get them.

If you want to know about SWIFT CODE, then follow the steps given below, so that you can easily get SWIFT CODE anywhere.

1st step: First of all you need to go to this swift code search website.

Step #2: Here you have to select the correct country which you are looking for in the Select a Country option below.

Step #3: Then in Select a Bank, you have to select the desired bank.

Step #4At the same time, after that you will see all the cities below in Select a City, there you have to select the city of the place where you want the SWIFT code.

Step #5: By doing this you will see all the branch names in front of you, here you have to select the required branch in Select a Branch option.

Step #6: Once you select it you will get the swift code you are looking for. You can use that swift code as per your convenience.

If you want to know about SWIFT code of any bank, you can get it by visiting this website. Through this website you can easily know the SWIFT code of your bank.

How Swift Code Transfer Works

How this swift transfer works, today I will explain you with an example. Suppose two friends are A and another is B. A wants to send money from his bank to the account of B residing in another country.

For this A goes to his bank with his friend’s account number and also takes the SWIFT code of his friend’s bank. When he asks the bankers to send the money, the bankers send his money to B’s account through the secure SWIFT network via SWIFT message.

When bank B receives this message, they confirm on their behalf that they have received the payment and credit the money to B’s account.

note , SWIFT is only a messaging system, it does not hold any funds, securities or manage any clients.

Can we track SWIFT transfers?

The customer is not allowed to access the SWIFT terminal. Only and only your respected bank can do this.

If you face any problem in any of your transactions, you can contact your nearest bank. They will solve your problem soon.

What the world was like before Swift Code

Before SWIFT code, telex was used for international transactions. It was a very slow way of transferring funds. This system had many flaws like it was a very slow process, secondly it was not very secure.

It did not use a unified system of code like Swift. So the speed of his transaction process was very slow. In this, the sender had to describe all transactions through sentences and then the receiver had to reinterpret and execute the same messages. There were many mistakes in this work.

To solve all these problems Swift System Created in 1974. In the initial round, 7 major banks of the world participated in it for the first time. And gradually many banks joined it over time.

Why the SWIFT system is at the forefront

Just 3 years after its inception, SWIFT membership grew to 230. This number is gradually increasing.

There are many systems for such transactions like Fedwire, Ripple and CHIPS but none can compete with SWIFT. We can show another reason for this because day by day they are introducing many changes in their system so that their system is becoming more reliable.

When it was established earlier, it could only send payment instructions, but nowadays, security transactions and treasury transactions can also be sent through it.

According to a report Swift transport 50% of them are payment based messages only, but 43% are mainly security transactions and the remaining traffic consists of treasury transactions.

Who uses the SWIFT system?

The network was originally designed by the founders of SWIFT so that treasury and related transactions could take place on it. his Messaging system It turned out to be so strong that its use increased even more.

Today the SWIFT system is widely used and its users have also increased a lot. It is mainly used by organizations like these

  • banks
  • Brokerage firms and trading houses
  • Securities Dealers
  • Property management companies
  • Clearing Houses
  • Depositories
  • Exchange
  • Corporate business houses
  • Treasury market participants and service providers
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Brokers

What services does the SWIFT system provide?

Talking about today’s world, SWIFT system is used everywhere. I have mentioned below some of the places where they are used the most.


SWIFT connections are being used for various real time applications for treasury and forex transactions, processing payment instructions in banking market infrastructure, clearing and settling payment instructions in securities markets.

Business intelligence,

SWIFT is also now being used in business intelligence, with customers now able to see real time, dynamic messages.

Along with this, they can follow trade flows and reports. With the help of reports you can get information about any location, country and message types.

Compliance Services,

With the help of this, many financial crimes can now be registered. Such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Sanctions and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

Messaging, connectivity and software solutions,

The core business of the SWIFT system is how to build a secure, reliable and scalable network so that messages can move easily within that network.

SWIFT has developed a number of products, with the help of which customers can easily send and receive transaction messages.

Swift Code is upgrading its system day by day, so that it can bring more clients and speed up its transaction processing. It will now also use an automated transaction processing system, so that there will be no more hassles in the future.

Since the Swift code system is more secure and safe, it has become a robust system, which has given people a lot of trust in it.

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